Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Goodbye Anger

What I have learned about Myself is that when I am unhappy with myself & my life I tend to take it out on others through anger.I have the Power to change my Life! it's My Life, My responsibility! I challenged myself to be greater than what my mind can comprehend. How about you? Are you Angry at others and yourself? Why? What makes you feel better and how is it that you can change your life or your view of whatever it is you unhappy about? You Have The Power! Your Life! Your Rules!! Everyday is a new day!!
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I have always felt like life is so hard and my back is always against the wall no matter how much I put my best foot forward. I automatically assumed Id get the same love and Respect that I give back from everyone but that has never been the case. I had to sit back and realize that I cant walk around angry at the world because things didn't go my way and to get up and do something about it whether it was to find a way to make myself happy even it was temporary and to live in the moment. Say goodbye to Anger, forgive, and let go. Tomorrow is a new day!